Eastern Counties Champs, Cambridge, 24 Jun 2023

(covers Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire)

– There were 405 athletes entered across all age groups.
– 46 athletics clubs participated.
– 29 Hunts AC athletes participated (club record, previously 22)
– Hunts AC won 7 golds (club record, previously 4)

Moria Howard
Sophie Bambridge
Caitlan Burke
Toby Carroll
James Coleman
Nikolaos Tirchineci
Christopher Smith
Toby Carroll
James Coleman
Tamzin Digpal-Race x 2
Aimee Hays
Esme Lydon
Izzie Newman
Mia Rutherford
Steve Burke
George Connell
Lewis Wing
Tamzin Digpal-Race

Congratulations to the following coaches for their athletes’ achievements at the Easterns
Amelia Darnell
Jo Abel & Andy Phipps
Chris Woodhall
Derek Darnell
Denise Korkmaz
Steve Burke
Bob Ellingham
Kuldip Digpal-Race
Steve Wellman
Yinka Opaleye
Neil Carrington

Moria Howard (despite being up half the night with illness, according to mum Margit, and taking part in her first outdoor competition of the year since recovering from injury)
– U17W Triple Jump Champion
– Set 9 club records with 10.99m, 11.09m, 11.14m, beating Ellie Rhodes 10.83m (U17W/U20W/SW) set in 2007 and Amy Everitt 10.83m (SW) set in 1998
– Ranks 5th in U17W national rankings with previous indoor 11.45m.
– English Schools Championships this coming weekend in Birmingham.

Sophie Bambridge long jumped 5.65m
– Won Under 20 Women’s gold in equal Championship Best Performance
– Came within 3 cms of Caroline Pearce’s 26-year-old U20W club record
– Now ranks 17th in U20W national rankings and 65th in SW national rankings
– English Schools Championships this coming weekend in Birmingham.

Caitlan Burke – U20W HJ Champion; also 25.00m PB in the Hammer Throw.

Toby Carroll – Under 17 Men’s shot put champion with 10.40m. Also picked up a bronze medal in the hammer throw.

In the U13B 100m heats, James Coleman was more than two-tenths of a second slower that his faster rival. In the final, James finished strongly to close within just 0.02 secs, winning silver in a new PB of 13.04, rising from 45th to 30th in the national rankings.

James later won the U13B 200m final in 26.84.  He currently ranks 19th in the U13B 200m national rankings.

Nikolaos Tirchineci – Senior Men’s Triple Jump Champion with 12.63m, just 3 cms from his PB.

Christopher Smith – Eastern Counties SM 1500m Champion, covering last lap in 58 secs to record 3:59.00.

Tamzin Digpal-Race – Silver medals in the U20W shot putt and hammer.  Bronze in the javelin.

Aimee Hays picked up silver in the U15G 200m final.

Esme Lydon – Silver medal in the U13G 800m

Izzie Newman – Broke 45 secs for the first time with 44.93 to win U17W 300m silver (just 0.03 behind winner)

Mia Rutherford – SW HJ silver medallist

Steve Burke (age 50; Caitlan’s dad) – Bronze medal in Senior Men’s Hammer Throw.

As a first-year Under 15 Boy, George Connell won bronze in the 800m in 2:16.05.

Lewis Wing – U20M 100m bronze medallist

Full results
100m U13 Girls heat 1
4th Chloe Hays 14.1 (PB by 0.3)
100m U13 Girls Final
7th Chloe Hays 13.96 (PB, beating 14.1)
100m U15 Girls heat 2
3rd Aimee Hays 13.3 (PB by 0.2)
5th Freya Ambler 14.1 (PB by 0.3)
6th Anjola Opaleye 14.3 PB
100m U15 Girls Final
5th Aimee Hays 13.12 (PB, beating 13.3)
100m U17 Women Final
4th Abi Pudney 12.96 (PB by 0.05)
100m Sen Women Final w/s 1.0
4th Mia Rutherford 14.12 (PB, beating 14.6)
100m U13 Boys heat 2
1st James Coleman 13.17 (PB by 0.02)
100m U13 Boys Final w/s 1.8
2nd James Coleman 13.04 (PB by 0.13)
100m U15 Boys Final w/s 2.9
5th Samuel Woodhall 12.34 (w/a PB by 0.48)
100m U17 Men Final
8th Sam Cooper 12.01 PB
100m U20 men Final w/s 1.0
3rd Lewis Wing 11.58 PB
800m U13 Girls Final
2nd Esme Lydon 2:33.43
800m U15 Boys Final
3rd George Connell 2:16.05
5th Milo Gray 2:17.07
800m U20 Men’s Final
Dylan Tomaselli 2:04.09 (PB by 1.86)
300m U17 Women Final
2nd Izzie Newman 44.93 (PB, beating 45.4)
200m U13 Girls heat 1 w/s 1.3
4th Chloe Hays 28.96 (PB, beating 29.9)
200m U13 Girls Final w/s 0.7
5th Chloe Hays 29.12
200m U15 Girls heat 1 w/s 2.1
1st Aimee Hays 27.02 (w/a PB, beating 27.70)
6th Freya Ambler 29.62 (w/a PB)
200m U15 Girls heat 2 w/s 2.2
5th Annabel Lindsell 29.07 (w/a PB)
200m U15 Girls Final w/s 0.6
2nd Aimee Hays 27.41 (PB, beating 27.7)
200m U17 Women heat 2 w/s 0.3
3rd Molly Webster 27.28
4th Izzie Newman 28.75
200m U17 women Final
5th Molly Webster 27.31
200m U13 Boys Final w/s 0.6
1st James Coleman 26.91
200m U15 Boys Final w/s -0.5
4th Samuel Woodhall 25.36 (PB by 0.21)
200m U17 Men heat 1 w/s 0.6
3rd Harry Exell 24.26 (PB, beating 24.3)
200m U17 Men heat 2 w/s 1.4
3rd Sam Cooper 24.99
200m U17 Men Final w/s 0.7
7th Harry Exell 24.48
8th Sam Cooper 24.60 PB
1500m U15 Boys Final
7th Ethan Locke 4:49.32 (PB  by 6.08)
9th Harry Pateman 5:19.15
1500m Sen Men’s Final
1st Christopher Smith 3:59.04
Hammer throw Sen Men Final
3rd Steve Burke 37.13
Hammer throw U17M Final
2nd Toby Carroll 34.27 (PB by 8 cms)
Hammer throw U20 Women Final
2nd Tamzin Digpal-Race 30.36
4th Caitlan Burke 25.00 (PB by 2.13)
Discus throw Sen Men Final
6th Steve Burke 29.66
Discus throw U17 Men Final
6th Toby Carroll 29.25
Shot put U17 Men Final
1st =CBP Toby Carroll 10.40
Shot put U20 Women Final
2nd Tamzin Digpal-Race 9.00
Shot put U15 Girls Final
4th Anjola Opaleye 8.10 (PB by 24 cms)
Javelin Sen Men Final
5th Kuldip Digpal-Race 33.71
Javelin U20 Women Final
3rd Tamzin Digpal-Race 29.30
Long Jump Sen Women Final
6th Mia Rutherford 3.91
Long Jump U20 Women Final
1st =CBP Sophie Bambridge 5.65 (PB by 6 cms)
Triple Jump Sen Men Final
1st Nikolaos Tirchineci 12.63
Triple Jump U17 Women Final
1st Moria Howard 11.14
High Jump Sen Women Final
2nd Mia Rutherford 1.25
High Jump U20 Women Final
1st Caitlan Burke 1.35

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