Club Road Running Champs

(1st October 2023 – 30th September 2024)

At Stake

Club RR championships (men and women)

  • SW (20-34)
  • SM (20-39)
  • VM (40+)
  • VW (35+)
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd place trophies in all four categories

Most improved in each of the four categories determined by number of personal bests (must have previously recorded a time over the same distance)

Eligible for the club’s London Marathon place

Contribute to County RR Team Championships (men and women)

Participate in County RR Individual Championship (men and women)

Required Races

1. One 5k race from:
June – Lindisfarne Road Eye, hosted by Eye Community Runners
June – Rugby Club, Hambleton Road. hosted by Stamford Striders
July – Ferry Meadows Water Sports Centre, hosted by Peterborough & Nene Valley AC
July – Werrington Sports Centre, hosted by Werrington Joggers
August – Ferry Meadows – Water Sports Centre, hosted by Bushfield Joggers
any 5k road race held January to April

2. One 10k race from:
Thorney 10k (held in March/April)
Cambourne 10k (held in April)
Eye 10k (held in May)
Ramsey 10k (held in June)
10k road race held October to December

3. One 10M race from:
Fenland 10M (held in October)
10M road race (held December to April)
Sawtry 10M (held in September)

Two different distances from:
1. Parkrun (only the fastest parkrun over all courses counts for both age grading and personal bests)
2. Monthly Club 5M Handicap Race
3. Road 5M
4. Half Marathon

Age grade scoring of the five best races determines placings.  The age graded option within each athlete’s Power of 10 page will be used.  Click on View By located above your current year’s results.  If your result doesn’t appear on Power of 10, this calculator will be used –

If transitioning from senior to veteran during the season, will remain as a senior.

Eligibility for Hunts AC’s London Marathon Place

  1. From 1st October to 30th September, compete in five races as stipulated in the Club Road Running Championship criteria.
  • Provide proof of London Marathon rejection.
  • Those who have met criteria’s 1 and 2 will be eligible to go into a draw in December for the club’s London Marathon place.


RequiredThree Distances Required
Martin Amos09:4180.7556:18:0080.61x15:4886.7616:0785.0627:52:0078.2301:52:4183.3902:33:3981.7983.311st
Simon Bowman10:2278.259:05:0074.56x16:3478.8217:2276.3628:31:0075.4101:17:4275.0801:58:5371.8302:47:4072.9576.672nd
Joshua Ansell13:2571.464:15:0068.48x17:5073.1917:5073.1930:27:0069.2401:25:4268.1302:25:0363.3803:17:0761.7171.13rd
Nathan Jermy18:1664.3675:24:0058.89x20:2765.2420:4164.936:46:0058.9801:33:3763.2102:20:3061.1103:18:3846.6603:55:0152.9463.32
Dave Hudson08:2386.2453:13:0086.31x15:1789.8715:3289.5226:00:0085.1369:21:0087.8402:28:1785.8587.951st
Robert Farrant10:3486.9156:52:0086.6x16:4188.4216:4088.5130:37:0078.5901:16:5584.7101:59:0886.1202:39:2385.5587.312nd
Simon Mead11:0685.5959:23:0082.68x16:4288.3416:5787.0329:08:0081.9385.113rd
Sean Barker13:3883.1767:52:0077.01x18:0985.8517:5886.0430:24:0082.3501:21:2584.4102:12:3981.5903:03:0679.0583.29
Ty Farrer12:5779.7558:15:0083.82x17:5680.8216:5286.828:36:0082.5201:17:3083.3402:43:5582.2783.24
Derek Darnell16:5281.6568:27:0080.81x20:2479.8820:2280.3933:32:0078.7801:25:2485.9903:08:0081.7982.12
Shane Hunt18:1980.4774:53:0074.58x20:1880.9920:5379.0736:58:0072.1477.45
Steve Church15:1777.668:40:0073.42x19:1178.0219:4076.7633:55:0072.7375.7
Duane Tomaselli14:1573.9464:02:0073.13x18:0577.1118:5274.7801:22:0975.3802:53:5674.9874.9
Dominic Meagher02:236589:13:0060.95x23:5267.4641:37:0062.9201:57:2461.3504:49:0852.4663.53
Lucy Mapp12:3881.3961:01:0080.58x16:5187.5330:36:0079.101:18:1583.4102:19:3472.8882.41st
Amelia Darnell05:5355.1575:40:0064.76x20:3771.4622:2965.6837:43:0063.1964.042nd
Eleanor Smith22:3463.8281:20:0060.25x24:02:0061.4438:17:0063.2104:04:2955.3960.823rd
Jo Chatwood04:4457.5395:23:0051.55x25:32:0057.7625:37:0057.746:12:0051.7702:05:2152.0755.32
Ieva Klavina16:1477.7565:32:0078.99x19:5576.4419:3678.3532:25:0077.8102:18:2376.8303:04:5575.2577.941st
Hilary McConville13:4669.3701:40:3972.13x30:59:0067.9829:17:0072.0949:45:0069.5870.232nd
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