5M Handicap Race Series

On the first Tuesday of each month starting at 7 pm, Hunts AC hold a 5-mile handicap race, starting and finishing at the One Leisure Outdoor Sports Centre.  This is a great way to measure your progress if you choose to run each month.  A points table is maintained over the course of a year with winners declared in October.

All-Time Rankings

1 Dave Hudson26:0020231 Georgia Hine34:192017
2 Dave Connell27:4620172 Emma Musgrave34:442019
3 Ty Farrer27:5820183 Robyn Seabright35:222022
3 James Orrell27:5820234 Caroline King35:272018
5 Martin Amos28:0620235 Ieva Klavina36:282018
6 Noah Scott-Donkin28:1520236 Karen Cameron36:372015
7 Nick Osborn28:4120187 Lola Fletcher36:562023
8 Simon Bowman28:4420238 Anna Douglas36:572022
9 Mark Barry29:0220179 Jo Muspratt37:192016
10 Tom Walker29:05201710 Tara Dundon38:172017
11 Keelan Duffy29:29202311 Caroline Archer38:272017
12 Joey Croft29:32201712 Katie Strickland38:532021
13 Ian Gallagher29:33201713 Carol Hargreaves39:092016
14 David Riley30:04202114 Pauline Stocker39:122017
15 Oliver Loveday30:19202315 Yvette Adamson39:172016
16 Rod McKee30:23202316 Niki Winsor39:212018
17 Sean Barker30:24202317 Lily O’Dell39:312020
18 Josh Ansell30:27202318 Frances Stanton39:352018
19 Darren Matthews30:53201719 Gill Mundin39:412016
19 Tom Waterworth30:53202320 Ursula Bird39:562017
21 Dom Pauley31:25202321 Alba Cacharron40:102022
22 Richard Adamson31:31201922 Steph Ward40:142023
23 Shane Hunt31:36201723 Amy Steele40:162017
24 Carl Rooney31:54201924 Georgia Hill40:272018
25 Casper Hiscock32:00201725 Amelia Darnell40:352017
26 Tom Skidmore32:03202326 Becky Hime40:352020
27 Aaron Hawkins32:07202327 Lizzie Burgess41:002017
28 Ian Marshall32:18202128 Katie Lawrence41:222017
29 Martin Rowe32:27201829 Letang Wolstenholme41:392018
30 Daniel Woolf32:27202330 Zoey Mayo42:202023
31 Alex Almond32:32201931 Lucy Ling42:292018
32 Tim Jones32:44202132 Sasha Suvorov43:062019
33 Ben Holihead32:51202233 Sarah Haythornthwaite43:092019
34 Simon Margot32:59202134 Jess Mann43:292018
35 Steve Church33:04201735 Leanne Evans43:492023
36 Mark Wishart33:11201736 Hilary McConville44:102016
37 Wayne Gimblett33:30201737 Paola Jean-Marain44:412018
38 Derek Darnell33:32202338 Colette Guinea44:512023
39 Daniel Rigby33:47201739 Jo Chatwood45:122022
39 Matt Hiscock33:47202340 Sandra Stephens45:162018
41 Stuart Laud33:49202141 Yvonne Nelson45:182021
42 Andrew Enticknap33:51201742 Diane Bunch45:282016
43 Matt Hilton34:26201843 Chloe Jones45:402017
44 Paul Ross34:35201644 Angela King45:582021
45 Arseniy Suvorov34:36201845 Katy Davies46:382017
46 Rory Ferguson34:39202146 Tina Smith46:392019
47 Bruce Grimley34:46201647 Kim Laud46:512018
48 Dave Spurle35:12201748 Vicky Burke46:542022
49 Jeff Mercer35:16201749 Di Gannon47:072017
50 Martin Quinn35:41201750 Adele Steele47:502016

Course Map

5m handicap course map

How to navigate the course step by step

Step 1

Leave outdoor centre and turn left, follow Hillrise and turn right into Burleigh Road (this is just past Ramsey Road).

Step 2

Following the road round to the left and turn Right into Cambridge Drive. Follow path to bottom and turn Right. Follow foot/cycle path to the left to the safety gate and continue on the path past the school (on your left). Cross the road and continue onto the path to the big green area and turn left before the big bend towards the industrial estate.

Step 3

By the bin, turn right into the industrial estate.

Step 4

Turn Left.

Step 5

Turn Right.

Step 6

Turn Right onto Somersham Road.

Step 7

At BP garage turn Right, cross the road and turn Left down Needingworth Road.

Step 8

Turn Right then cross and turn left.

Step 9

At pound stretcher turn Right into town and run through town and hopefully meet your partner to continue on route back to the centre.

Step 10

Remember to hold cracker as you cross the finish line.

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