5M H’Cap Race, 4 Jun 2024

Ieva Klavina led all comers in the monthly 5M h’cap race with PB’s coming from Josh Ansell and Leslie Jackson.  Josh improved by 41 seconds to climb from 19th to 15th in the club all-time rankings while Leslie reduced her best by three seconds.

1st Ieva Klavina 52:58 (38:22)

2nd Josh Ansell 59:19 (29:46) PB

3rd Pauline Stocker 59:43 (42:04)

4th Leslie Jackson 59:57 (49:30) PB

5th Steph Ward 60:24 (39:58)

6th Adele Steele 60:34 (53:33)

7th Hilary McConville 60:55 (53:54)

8th Jo Chatwood 60:59 (46:23)

9th Joe Kerins 61:23 (39:43)

10th Sunny Bulchandani 62:19 (43:15)

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