Sportshall, Cambridge, 9 Dec 2023

Well done to the 12 athletes who competed in the second Cambridgeshire Sportshall event in Cambridge yesterday.

There was an abundance of enthusiasm and energy,  and great performances too!!  Hunts AC secured first place in many events throughout the day and it was great to see athletes competing for the first time or trying new events.   Official results to follow soon.

Huge thanks to our officials Moji Opaleye and Charlotte Bruce, and coach Yinka for all their hard work – without the dedication of officials, it would not be possible to offer these events to our younger athletes.  Special mention also to Alexander Scott as despite being unable to compete owing to injury, came and volunteered for the day supporting the officials.

While we await news of County Selection, athletes please share your experiences with your coach and peers, and let’s make next year’s Sportshall Team even bigger!

Mrs Sarah Newman
Sportshall co-ordinator
Hunts AC

U11 Boys  Sami Yeganeh:
2nd Vertical Jump
1st Chest Push
4th Speed Bounce
Joint 2nd 1 lap Race
4th 2 lap race
6th Place in Team Rankings (1 athlete) out of 9 teams.

U11 Girls:

Standing Long Jump – 1st Kitty Kelly; 6th Ellie Newman
Vertical Jump – 2nd Lucy Hilton
Chest Push – 2nd Kitty Kelly
Balance Test – 3rd Lucy Hilton; 4th Ellie Newman
Hi-Stepper – 2nd Kitty Kelly
Target Throw – 2nd Ellie Newman
Foam Javelin – 1st Lucy Hilton
1 lap race – 1st Kitty Kelly; 3rd Lucy Hilton; 10th Ellie Newman
2 lap race – 1st Kitty Kelly; 4th Lucy Hilton; 6th Ellie Newman
1+1 lap – 1st Lucy Hilton & Kitty Kelly
Paarlauf Relay – 1st Ellie Newman & Kitty Kelly
Circuit Relay – 1st Ellie Newman, Kitty Kelly and Lucy Hilton (plus 1 runner from PANVAC)
3rd Place in Team Rankings (3 athletes in team) out of 8 teams

2 lap race – 1st Joshua Dawe; 8th Jamar Eason; 10th Julius Mak
Standing Long Jump – 5th Jamar Eason; 7th Julius Mak
Standing Triple – 3rd Jamar Eason
Vertical Jump – 1st Joshua Dawe; 6th Julius Mak
Shot – 1st Joshua Dawe
Paarlauf Relay – 2nd Jamar Eason and Joshua Dawe
4 x 1 Relay – 2nd Julius Mak, Jamar Eason & Joshua Dawe
3rd Place in Team rankings (3 athletes in team) out of 8 teams

2 lap race – 1st Simone Scott; 5th Eleanor Stewart
4 lap race – 3rd Bella Smith; 6th Sophie Bedingfield
6 lap race – 2nd Isabelle Hilton
Standing Long Jump – 1st Simone Scott; 7th Sophie Bedingfield; 10th Bella Smith
Standing Triple Jump – 1st Eleanor Stewart
Vertical Jump – 4th Lucy Hilton
Shot – 2nd Eleanor Stewart; 7th Isabelle Hilton
Speed Bounce – 3rd Bella Smith; 4th Simone Scott; 6th Sophie Bedingfield
Paarlauf Relay – 2nd Isabelle Hilton & Sophie Bedingfield
4 x 1 Relay – 3rd  Isabelle Hilton, Eleanor Stewart, Sophie Bedingfield & Bella Smith
3rd Place in Team Rankings (5 athletes) out of 7 teams

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