Southern Athletics League, St Ives, 20 May 2023

So close to winning our first-ever SAL match in Division 2.  Basically, it came down to not filling one event out of 72 events.  Nevertheless, a good start for Hunts AC in this new division with many standout moments.

Special thanks to the following for officiating, organising, etc.

Richard Phelan

Jo Abel
Sandra Acton
Charlotte Bruce
Quinton Carroll
Moji Opaleye
Sandra Pedley
Lucy Waller
Paula Waller
Steven Wellman
Carol Darnell
Thomas Bruce
Harriet Bruce
Andy Stowe
Dave Connell
Wayne Hawkins
Derek Darnell
Wayne DuBose


Men’s A 100m Wind=5.0
Dan STEEL 11.8
Men’s B 100m Wind=3.2
Yinka OPALEYE 12.5
Men’s A 200m Wind=4.6
Zak BOWES 23.7
Men’s B 200m Wind=4.6
Harry EXELL 24.4 PB
Men’s A 400m
Joey CROFT 51.0 PB
Men’s B 400m
Sebastian DARNELL 54.2
Men’s A 800m
Noah SCOTT-DONKIN 2:04.2
Men’s B 800m
William CROWTHER 2:18.5
Men’s A 1500m
Christopher SMITH 4:06.5
Men’s B 1500m
James ORRELL 4:29.7
Men’s A 3000m
James ORRELL 9:15.9 PB by 3.92
Men’s B 3000m
Martin AMOS 9:20.0 PB by 3.4
Men’s A 110mH Wind=2.1
Dan STEEL 18.9
Men’s A High Jump
Evan NIMMONS 1.75 PB by 3 cms
Men’s B High Jump
Yinka OPALEYE 1.40
Men’s A Pole Vault
Dan STEEL 3.10
Men’s B Pole Vault
Richard PHELAN 1.70
Men’s A Long Jump
Dan STEEL 6.32
Men’s B Long Jump
Yinka OPALEYE 4.35
Men’s A Triple Jump
Nikolaos TIRCHINECI 11.91
Men’s A Shot Putt
Steven BURKE 9.52
Men’s B Shot Putt
Robert ELLINGHAM 7.39
Men’s A Discus
Steven BURKE 30.58
Men’s B Discus
Robert ELLINGHAM 27.22
Men’s A Hammer
Steven BURKE 33.47
Men’s B Hammer
Robert ELLINGHAM 31.18
Men’s A Javelin
Kuldip DIGPAL 34.01
Men’s B Javelin
Steven BURKE 30.92
Men’s 4x100m
Huntingdonshire AC 48.6
Men’s 4x400m
Huntingdonshire AC 3:54.5
Women’s A 100m Wind=2.7
Faye YOUNG 15.9
Women’s B 100m Wind=2.5
Izzie NEWMAN 13.8 PB
Women’s A 200m Wind=3.8
Lizzie HARRISON 25.9
Women’s A 400m
Sophie FORBES-LAIRD 61.5
Women’s B 400m
Claudia CARLYON 70.3
Women’s A 800m
Amelia DARNELL 2:39.2
Women’s B 800m
Claudia CARLYON 2:44.7
Women’s A 1500m
Lily REINDEL 6:03.2
Women’s A 3000m
Ruth JONES 11:14.8
Women’s A 100mH
Faye YOUNG 20.3
Women’s A 400mH
Claudia CARLYON 77.6
Women’s A High Jump
Caitlan BURKE 1.35
Women’s A Pole Vault
Sandra PEDLEY 1.80
Women’s A Long Jump
Sophie BAMBRIDGE 5.59 PB by 24 cms
Women’s B Long Jump
Claudia CARLYON 4.20
Women’s A Triple Jump
Maisie ISAAC 8.21
Women’s B Triple Jump
Faye YOUNG 7.05
Women’s A Shot Putt
Tamzin DIGPAL-RACE 9.20 PB by 13 cms
Women’s B Shot Putt
Claudia CARLYON 7.23
Women’s A Discus
Tamzin DIGPAL-RACE 18.90
Women’s B Discus
Jo ABEL 13.18
Women’s A Hammer
Tamzin DIGPAL-RACE 31.27
Women’s B Hammer
Jo ABEL 14.79
Women’s A Javelin
Tamzin DIGPAL-RACE 28.49
Women’s B Javelin
Caitlan BURKE 15.39
Women’s 4x100m
Huntingdonshire AC 54.3
Men’s 100m Wind=3.6
Harry LEGATE 12.9 PB
Men’s 200m Wind=4.1
Harry LEGATE 26.6 PB
Men’s 1500m
Aaron HAWKINS 4:40.6
Men’s 3000m
Darren PRESTON 9:38.9
Dom PAULEY 9:56.6

Team Placings
1st Ryston Runners 295
2nd Huntingdonshire AC 289
3rd St Albans 235
4th Stevenage & North Herts/HAWCS 183
5th Basildon AC 174
6th Enfield & Haringey 165

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