Peterborough Grand Prix Series, Ferry Meadows, 12 Jul 2023

1st Milo Gray 9:47 (fastest time over this course in 11 years)
3rd Finnley Williams 10:11
5th Harry Pateman 10:40 (2nd U13B)
12th Boogie Gray 11:34 (2nd U11B)
15th Jake Johnson 11:48
17th Leah Graham 12:03 (1st female finisher)
29th Lily Reindel 12:52
(50 finishers)

26 Hunts AC runners!
2nd Dave Hudson 15:40 (1st M40; 32nd in M40 national rankings)
4th James Orrell 15:52 (2nd SM)
6th Martin Amos 16:20 (PB; 2nd M40)
7th Dylan Tomaselli 16:26 (2nd U20M)
14th Simon Bowman 16:53 PB
16th Rob Farrant 17:00 (1st M50; 38th in M50 national rankings)
18th Simon Mead 17:05 (2nd M50; 46th in M50 national rankings)
26th Lucy Mapp 17:42 (1st female finisher)
28th Ty Farrer 17:56
30th Josh Ansell 18:06 (PB by 17 secs)
33rd Sean Barker 18:28 (63rd in M55 national rankings)
38th Duane Tomaselli 18:36
49th Oli Pocklington 19:08 (PB by 94 secs)
56th Steve Church 19:1
75th Lola Fletcher 20:01
85th Oscar Tomaselli 20:15 PB
91st Shelley Duffy 20:23
101st Amelia Darnell 20:37 (PB by 35 secs)
126th Shane Hunt 21:17
165th Chris Davies 22:44 PB
168th Jim Stocker 22:49 (32nd in M70 national rankings)
183rd Iain Fletcher 23:32 PB
209th Alan Burgin 24:26 (56th in M70 national rankings)
265th Jo Chatwood 26:37 PB
268th Phil Young 26:44
301st Lesley Jackson 28:24
(371 finishers)

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