Peterborough Grand Prix Series (3k) Overall Positions, 1 Sep 2023

OVERALL POSITIONS (Based on top three race finishes)
1st Milo Gray 3
2nd Ethan Locke 6
4th Natty Clifford 10
6th Harry Pateman 17
10th Esme Lydon 27
13th Boogie Gray 34
17th Jake Johnson 40
19th Leah Graham 49
29th Lily Reindel 75
(53 completed 3 races)

Age Groups (Overall)
U11B – 2nd Boogie Gray
U13B – 1st Ethan Locke, 2nd Harry Pateman
U15B – 1st Milo Gray, 3rd Natty Clifford
U13G – 1st Leah Graham
U15G – 1st Esme Lydon (U13G)

Peterborough Grand Prix Series (5k) Overall Positions
(Based on top three race finishes)
2nd Dave Hudson 5
4th James Orrell 12
10th Dylan Tomaselli 31
15th Simon Mead 50
17th Rob Farrant 52
19th Lucy Mapp 65
27th Ty Farrer 90
32nd Duane Tomaselli 105
34th Sean Barker 113
42nd Darragh Ballard 138
50th Steve Church 160
76th Lola Fletcher 237
87th Shelley Duffy 264
104th Shane Hunt 314
170th Iain Fletcher 522
189th Alan Burgin 573
190th Luke Clifford 575
212th Phil Young 643
266th Lesley Jackson 783
(331 completed 3 races)

Age Groups (Overall)
SM – 2nd Dave Hudson (M40)
U20M – 2nd Dylan Tomaselli
M40 – 3rd Duane Tomaselli
M45 – 2nd Rob Farrant, 3rd Ty Farrer
M50 – 1st Simon Mead
M55 – 2nd Sean Barker
M70 – 1st Alan Burgin
SW – 1st Lucy Mapp
U20W – 1st Lola Fletcher
W40 – 2nd Shelley Duffy

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