PANVAC Middle Distance Night, 2 Apr 2024

800m R1:  4th Charlie Hilton 3:01.40 PB, 5th Lucy Hilton 3:03.30 PB

800m R2:  2nd Lewis Cummins 2:11.20 PB (indoor PB 2:12.12)

1500m R1:  1st Leah Graham 5:11.0 (PB by 8.5), 2nd Boogie Gray 5:23.10 PB, 5th Izzy Hilton 5:46.40 (PB by 29.2), 6th Lottie May Stockwell 5:49.20 PB

1500m R3:  1st Milo Gray 4:23.20 (PB by 13.5)

1500m R4:  3rd James Orrell 4:20.70, 5th Dylan Tomaselli 4:36.10

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