Kettering Open, 21 Jun 2023

Jacksen Hornagold brought his 200m PB down by almost a second with 27.13 to go 28th in the Under 13 Boys national rankings.  James Coleman ran slightly faster in his race (27.01), with his 26.74, achieved three weeks ago, placing him 18th in the Under 13 Boys national rankings.  It’s not often that we have two U13B nationally ranked in the top 30 in the same event.  Well done to them and to their coaches, Jaime Webster and Chris Woodhall.  Chris’s son Sam also brought his 200m PB down to 25.57.  Denise Korkmaz-coached runner Lily Reindel chopped a huge 17.49 seconds off her 1500m PB.

100m R1 – 4th Faye Young 15.94 w/s -0.1
100m R2 – 6th Martha Woodhall 16.18 w/s -0.6
100m R3 – 7th Jamie Gray 15.23 (PB previous 15.5) w/s -0.8
100m R4 – 1st Jacksen Hornagold 13.76 w/s -0.9
100m R5 – 1st Sam Woodhall 12.99,  6th James Coleman 13.39 w/s +0.1

200m R1 – 3rd Jamie Gray 31.46 (PB, previous 33.0) w/s -0.3
200m R3 – 2nd Jacksen Hornagold 27.13 (PB, previous 28.0) w/s -0.3
200m R5 – 3rd Sam Woodhall 25.57 (PB by 0.08), 5th James Coleman 27.01 w/s +0.4

400m R1 – 1st Dan Steel 56.74, 5th Jamie Gray 73.63 (PB previous 76.2)

1500m R1 – 5th Lily Reindel 5:41.15 (PB by 17.49)

JT – 1st Dan Steel 38.04

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