Huntingdon Parkrun, 10 Jun 2023

On 25th April 2015, 33-year–old Dave Hudson and 5-year-old Freya Harris both commenced their Huntingdon parkrun careers.  On that occasion, Dave placed 18th with 21:39 while Freya finished 174th with 36:09.  Since then, although not always running in the same races, they have both taken part in exactly 140 Huntingdon Parkruns.  On this latest occasion, Dave Hudson continued his return to top form by finishing 1st with 15:45, his 4th best-ever time and just 8 seconds from his club record.  Placing 21st (and 1st JW11-14 and 2nd female), Freya improved her best from 21:39 (Dave’s time in his first Huntingdon parkrun race) down to 21:10 to move up three places to 13th on the club all-time record.  Well done to both.

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