Eastern Counties XC Champs, Horseheath, 18 Nov 2023

A decent turnout for Saturdays Eastern AA XC Championships at Horseheath.

31 Hunts runners took on the quite tough hilly course with a run through the pond and came away with several medals.

Esme Lydon was our best placed individual with a fine run for the bronze medal in the U13 girls race.

Thomas Richards was 5th in the U15 boys’ race and was backed up by Milo Gray and Frankie Benstead ensuring the U15B won the team trophy.

Like his sister, Aedan Lydon also had a good day and won the U20M championship race.

Lucy Mapp was a double gold medalist, the first senior woman, with the second placed runner with a full minute behind and, with Anna Douglas and Shelley Duffy also in the top 10 our women won the team competition.

Chris Smith was second overall in the men’s 12K race but was 1st senior man wrt the championship. With James/Ty/Simon/Steve/Ryan the men were second team.

Ty was 2rd O’50M, I was 3rd O’60M, and Shelley won an age group medal but as yet, we are not sure which medal! 😄

Several of our U20’s and seniors were also part of the Cambs AA medal winning teams as an Inter Counties competition is incorporated within this event.

Well done to all.


U13G (3k)

3rd Esme Lydon 12:46 B

11th Immy Wood 14:34

U13B (3k)

17th Jake Johnson 12:27

U15G (4k)

19th Freya Harris 17:26

U15B (4k)

5th Thomas Richards 13:31

7th Milo Gray 13:36

15th Frankie Benstead 13:59

20th Oliver Loveday 14:13

21st Ethan Locke 14:14

29th Natty Clifford 14:59

32nd George Connell 15:20

33rd Daniel Brook 15:25

40th Liam Morris 15:57


1st (5th, 7th, 15th) G

6th (20th, 21st, 29th)

8th (32nd, 33rd, 40th)

U17M (6k)

20th Finnley Williams 23:49

U20M (8k)

1st Aedan Lydon 26:02 G

6th Dylan Tomaselli 29:11

U20M Inter-Counties

2nd Aedan Lydon

9th Dylan Tomaselli

Inter-Counties Team

3rd Cambridgeshire (2nd, 9th) B

SW/VW (6k)

1st Lucy Mapp 24:44 G

6th Anna Douglas 26:45

9th Shelley Duffy 27:20 (2nd W45) S

13th Gemma Bedford 28:38

18th Amelia Darnell 29:51

27th Lesley Jackson 41:52


1st (1st, 6th, 9th) G

4th (13th, 18th, 27th)

SW Inter-Counties

4th Lucy Mapp

10th Anna Douglas

12th Shelley Duffy

13th Amelia Darnell

14th Lesley Jackson

Inter-Counties Team

4th Cambridgeshire (4th, 10th, 12th, 13th)

SM/VM (12k)

2nd Christopher Smith 38:56 S

5th James Orrell 40:35

17th Ty Farrer 45:29 (2nd M50) S

19th Simon Bowman 45:49

24th Steve Church 48:25

34th Ryan Bullard 56:21


2nd (2nd, 5th, 17th, 19th, 24th, 34th) S

SM Inter-Counties

2nd Christopher Smith

5th James Orrell

14th Simon Bowman

Inter-Counties Team

2nd Cambridgeshire (2nd, 5th, 14th) S

M60+ (6k)

4th Derek Darnell 28:00

9th Jim Stocker 32:51

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