East Anglian League, Bury St Edmunds, 30 Apr 2023

Under 13 Girls
100m A 3rd Summer Rooney 15.5 (PB by 0.3)
100m B 2nd Lael Baloyi 15.9 PB
200m A 3rd Summer Rooney 32.5 (PB by 0.7)
200m B 2nd Eva Korny 34.9 PB
800m A 1st Esme Lydon 2:30.8 (PB by 4.83)
1500m A 3rd Immy Wood 6:07.9 PB
1500m B 1st Izzy Hilton 6:15.6 PB
HJ A 2nd Immy Wood 1.15 (PB by 20 cms)
LJ A 1st Eleanor Stewart 3.80 (PB by 29 cms)
LJ B 2nd Summer Rooney 3.15 (PB by 8 cms)
SP A 2nd Eva Korny 4.23 (PB by 35 cms)
4x100m 2nd Summer Rooney, Eleanor Stewart, Eva Korney, Izzy Hilton 65.5
Team result (6 teams)
1st Ipswich 160
2nd Hunts 96

Under 15 Girls
100m A 2nd Isla Wood 13.7 (PB by 0.1)
100m B 4th Jess Waterworth 14.6 =PB
200m A 4th Ava Ballard 30.3
200m B 2nd Aimee Hays 28.9 (PB by 0.9)
300m A 3rd Jess Waterworth 51.3 =PB
300m B 2nd Lily Margot 54.3 PB
800m A 2nd Freya Harris 2:37.3 (PB by 6.7)
800m B 3rd Matilda Marshall 2:48.2 PB
1500m A 3rd Imogen Reddish 5:56.7 (PB by 4.3)
1500m B 2nd Ruby O’Dell 6:10.4
75mH A 3rd Anjola Opaleye 16.0 (PB by 0.5)
HJ A 3rd Freya Harris 1.15
LJ A 4th Ruby O’Dell 3.70 (PB by 2 cms)
LJ B 2nd Anjola Opaleye 3.55
SP A 1st Anjola Opaleye 7.47 (PB by 26 cms)
DT A 3rd Freya Harris 15.54 (PB by 2.58)
JT A 2nd Ruby O’Dell 11.92 (PB by 10 cms)
4x100m 2nd Anjola Opaleye, Isla Wood, Jessica Waterworth, Aimee Hays 56.5
Team result (6 teams)
1st Ipswich 180
2nd Southend 158
3rd Hunts 122

Under 17 Women
100m A 2nd Abi Pudney 13.3
100m A 2nd Abi Pudney 13.3
100m B 3rd Ruby Parsons 14.1 =PB
200m A 1st Molly Webster 27.5 (PB by 1.13)
200m B 3rd Zara Sharp 34.8
300m A 3rd Izzie Newman 46.0
1500m A 2nd Lily Reindel 6:01.9
80mH A 1st Abi Pudney 14.4 (PB by 0.1)
LJ A 3rd Molly Webster 4.06 (PB by 11 cms
LJ B 2nd Zara Sharp 3.23 (PB by 17 cms
TJ A 2nd Holly Baynes 8.27 (PB by 49 cms)
SP A 2nd Holly Baynes 8.28 (PB by 21 cms)
DT A 2nd Abi Pudney 17.87 PB
4x100m 2nd Izzie Newman, Abi Pudney, Ruby Parsons, Molly Webster 53.3
Team result (6 teams)
1st Ipswich 106
2nd Southend 100
2nd Hunts 100

Senior Women
100m A 4th Faye Young 16.8
100m B 2nd Vicky Burke 18.5
100mH A 3rd Faye Young 21.1
HJ A 1st Caitlan Burke 1.40
HJ B 1st Mia Rutherford 1.30
LJ A 3rd Faye Young 3.52
SP A 3rd Tamzin Digpal-Race 8.88 (PB by 30 cms)
SP B 3rd Vicky Burke 5.93
DT A 2nd Willow Bedding 30.41 (PB by 1.83)
DT B 2nd Tamzin Digpal-Race 20.86 (PB by 3.01)
HT A 1st Willow Bedding 42.02
JT A 2nd Tamzin Digpal-Race 28.02
JT B 2nd Caitlan Burke 15.91 (PB by 1.17)
4x100m 2nd Willow Bedding, Tamzin Digpal-Race, Caitlan Burke, Faye Young 61.1
Team result (6 teams)
1st Ipswich 212
2nd Hunts 106

Under 13 Boys
100m A 1st James Coleman 13.7 =PB
100m B 1st Jacksen Hornagold 14.1 =PB
200m A 1st James Coleman 28.3 PB
200m B 1st Jacksen Hornagold 28.6
800m A 4th Micah Howell 2:53.3 (PB by 0.77)
800m B 3rd Jamar Eason 3:18.7 PB
75mH A 1st Micah Howell 16.4 (PB by 1.2)
HJ A 1st Joshua Dawe 1.40
LJ A 3rd Owain Evans 3.93 PB
LJ B 4th Mark Lawson-Watkins 2.83 PB
SP A 2nd Joshua Dawe 7.00 (PB by 51 cms)
SP B 1st Jamar Eason 4.93 (PB by 47 cms)
DT A 1st Joshua Dawe 13.90
JT A 4th Mark Lawson-Watkins 4.00
4×100 1st Joshua Dawe, Jacksen Hornagold, Kenzo Rwegoshora, James Coleman 59.9
Team result (6 teams)
1st Ipswich 140
2nd Hunts 122

Under 15 Boys
100m A 2nd Liam Morris 12.9 (PB by 0.3)
100m B 1st Samuel Woodhall 13.3
200m A 3rd Samuel Woodhall 27.1 (PB by 1.28)
200m B 1st George Connell 27.7 (PB by 1.0)
300m A 2nd Liam Morris 41.9 (PB by 1.27)
300m B 2nd George Connell 42.6 (PB by 0.1
800m A 1st Oliver Loveday 2:04.8 (PB by 0.9)
800m B 1st Frankie Benstead 2:20.2 (PB by 4.8 secs)
1500m A 2nd Oliver Albone 4:33.6 (PB by 6.28)
1500m B 2nd Owen Rylance 5:12.9 PB
80mH A 2nd Robert Fuller 16.0 PB
80mH B 1st Edward Fuller 16.4 (PB by 0.1)
HJ A 2nd Robert Fuller 1.30 (PB by 5 cms)
HJ B 2nd Edward Fuller 1.20
LJ A 4th Zack Rodriquez 4.11 PB
SP A 2nd George Connell 5.52 PB
SP B 2nd Samuel Woodhall 5.03 PB
DT A 2nd Oliver Albone 12.96 (PB by 1.69)
DT B 2nd Robert Fuller 12.66 PB
JT A 4th Edward Fuller 17.60 (PB by 1.12)
JT B 2nd Liam Morris 17.60 (PB by 3,36)
4x100m 2nd Samuel Woodhall, George Connell, Zack Rodriquez, Liam Morris 53.3
Team result (6 teams)
1st Ipswich 214
2nd Hunts 176

Under 17 Men
100m A 4th Harry Exell 12.3 (PB by 0.27)
100m B 4th Max Carrington 14.8 (PB by 0.1)
200m A 3rd Harry Exell 24.7 (PB by 1.35)
200m B 3rd Morgan Edwards 25.8 PB
400m A 4th Morgan Edwards 58.9 PB
800m A 2nd Noah Scott-Donkin 2:03.9 (PB by 1.98)
1500m A 3rd Aaron Hawkins 4:38.1 (PB by 12 secs)
100mH A 1st Morgan Edwards 18.2 PB
TJ A 2nd Max Carrington 8.96
SP A 2nd Toby Carroll 9.32
DT A 2nd Toby Carroll 25.97
HT A 2nd Toby Carroll 33.03 (PB by 7.29)
JT A 2nd Aaron Hawkins 22.18 PB
4x100m 2nd Darragh Ballard, Harry Exell, Aaron Hawkins, Morgan Edwards 50.5
Team result
1st Ipswich 134
2nd Hunts 95

Senior Men
100m A 1st Lewis Wing 12.0
100m B 2nd Dan Steel 12.3
200m A 3rd Dan Steel 25.6
200m B 3rd Jamie Gray 33.0 PB
400m A 3rd Jamie Gray 76.2 PB
800m A 3rd Daniel Ryder 2:26.8
110mH A 1st Dan Steel 20.2
HJ A 1st Lewis Wing 1.75
LJ A 1st Dan Steel 5.81
LJ B 2nd Neil Carrington 4.62
TJ A 2nd Neil Carrington 10.30 (3rd in M50 national rankings)
SP A 4th Steve Burke 9.05
SP B 2nd Dan Steel 9.02
DT A 3rd Steve Burke 28.09
DT B 1st Dan Steel 26.78
HT A 2nd Steve Burke 33.24
JT A 4th Kuldip Digpal 34.24 (PB y 64 cms)
JT B 3rd Steve Burke 29.50
Team result
1st Southend 196
2nd Ipswich 147
3rd Hunts 134

HJ U13G Harley Tindale 1.15 PB
800m U15B Daniel Brook 2:26.7 (PB by 7.6)
800m U15B Charlie Irons 2:32.5 (PB by 1.8)
100m U13G Immy Wood 16.4 PB
100m U13G Harley Tindale 16.9 PB
100m U17W Zara Sharp 16.1
100m U17W Rebecca Davies 15.1
100m U13B Kenzo Rwegoshora 15.2
100m U13B Owain Evans 16.0
100m U13B Jamar Eason 17.6
100m U15B Zack Rodriquez 14.4
100m SM Jamie Gray 15.5 PB
LJ U13G Nia Brown 2.65 PB
DT M55 Kuldip Digpal 17.52
LJ W45 Vicky Burke 2.74
1500m U17M Darragh Ballard 4:37.2 (PB by 29.8)
200m U13G Esme Lydon 30.9 (PB by 2.47)
200m U13G Eleanor Stewart 34.5
200m U13G Izzy Hilton 36.7 PB
200m U13G Annabel Margot 37.3 PB
200m U15G Lily Margot 33.5 (PB by 2.21)
200m U15G Isla Wood 29.0 (PB by 0.4)
200m U13B Kenzo Rwegoshora 32.6

Under 11s
80 U11B Sami Yeganeh 13.1 (PB by 0.1)
600 U11B Max O’Dell 2:10.8 (PB by 3.05)
600 U11B Sami Yeganeh 2:19.3 PB
600 U11B Owain Brown 2:41.6 PB
LJ U11B Sami Yeganeh 2.94 PB
LJ U11B Owain Brown 2.31 PB
80 U11G Zehra Ozcelik 14.4 PB
80 U11G Lucy Hilton 14.7 PB
600 U11G Lucy Hilton 2:19.8 PB
600 U11G Ellie Newman 2:27.9
600 U11G Zehra Ozcelik 2:51.2 PB
LJ U11G Ellie Newman 2.52 PB
SP U11G Ellie Newman 3.11 =PB
SP U11G Zehra Ozcelik 3.13 PB

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