County Open, St Ives, 31 May 2023

At the County Open meet, county medals over 3000m and 5000m were contested. In the SM 5000m, Christopher Smith went toe-to-toe, lap after lap, with the St Edmunds Pacer runner until the final lap when Chris’s opponent made his move and built up a slim lead.  However, in the home straight, Chris turned on the after-burners and sprinted to victory, and the county championship title, by 0.4 secs.  His 15:07.78 is a PB as he has never run a 5000m until last night.  Noel Moss was particularly pleased with Christopher’s victory as the St Edmunds Pacer runner earlier predicted to Noel that he would in fact win the race.  Picking up the county bronze, James Orrell ran a determined race to smash through the 16-minute barrier, improving his best by nearly half a minute with 15:37.39.  The quality of the remaining Hunts AC finishers was no less superb.  Dave Hudson ran 15:45.54 to go 3rd in the M40 national rankings, while welcomed newcomer James Clark came oh-so-close to a sub-16-minute clocking with 16:00.15.  Contesting his first 5000m race, 18-year-old Dylan Tomaselli clocked an excellent 16:15.12 which places him 44th in the U20M national rankings.

In the M35+ county 5000m championship race, and the last event of the evening run in very cold and windy conditions, Martin Amos put in a quality sprint finish to take gold with a time in the 16:02 – 16:04 range (to be confirmed) which will be an improvement on his 16:08.65 PB set last year.  His time puts him in the low 20s in the M35 national rankings.  The photo of the gold medal is his to collect when I next see him.

In the U15B county 3000m championship race, Natty Clifford picked up the silver medal in 10:32.57, reducing his PB  by 17 seconds.  Ethan Locke wasn’t far behind with his 10:39.13, also taking 17 seconds off his best.

80m 1st Sami Yeganeh U11B 12.75 PB
R2 2nd Yinka Opaleye M50 12.65
R3 2nd Samuel Woodhall U15B 12.87 PB
3rd Abigail Pudney U17W 13.01 PB
4th Liam Morris U15B 13.09 =PB
R4 1st James Coleman U13B 13.39 PB
3rd Zack Rodriquez U15B 13.65 PB
5th Izzie Newman U17W 13.91 PB
R5 1st Isla Wood U15G 13.62 PB
2nd Ruby Parsons U17W 13.83 PB
5th Annabel Lindsell U15G 14.55 PB
6th Lael Baloyi U13G 15.41 PB
R6 2nd Anjola Opaleye U15G 14.62
5th Emily Pye U13G 16.81 PB
R7 2nd Summer Rooney U13G 15.38 PB
4th Eleanor Stewart U13G 15.78
R8 1st Luke Wood U13B 14.65 PB
4th Owain Evans U13B 15.58 PB
5th Jamar Eason U13B 16.21 PB
150m 3rd Sami Yeganeh U11B 25.47 PB
R3 1st Samuel Woodhall U15B 25.65 PB
3rd James Coleman U13B 26.74 PB
R4 1st Liam Morris U15B 26.58 PB
2nd Izzie Newman U17W 28.6 PB
R5 4th Annabel Lindsell U15G 29.67 PB
R6 3rd Jessica Waterworth U15G 29.83 PB
R7 1st Isla Wood U15G 28.93
4th Anjola Opaleye U15G 31.03 PB
6th Summer Rooney U13G 32.42 PB
R8 1st Robert Fuller U15B 29.06 PB
R9 2nd Jamar Eason U13B 34.63 PB
R1 1st George Connell U15B 2:17.1 PB by 1.8 secs
3rd Daniel Brook U15B 2:21.8 PB by 2.82
6th Freya Harris U15G 2:40.5
R2 1st Owen Rylance U15B 2:35.29 PB
2nd Luke Wood U13B 2:45.24 PB
6th Immy Wood U13G 2:57.12 PB
7th Summer Rooney U13G 2:59.09 PB
R1 10th (1st VW) Alison Stewart W40 11:43.47 PB
R2 7th Nathaniel Clifford U15B 10:32.57 PB by 16.93 secs
9th Ethan Locke U15B 10:39.13 PB by 17.07
R1 1st Christopher Smith SM 15:07.78 PB
5th James Orrell SM 15:37.39 PB by 27.59 secs
7th David Hudson M40 15:45.54
9th Jack Clark SM 16:00.15 PB
11th Dylan Tomaselli U20M 16:15.12 PB
R2 1st Martin Amos M35 16:04.20 PB by 4.45 secs
6th Harrison Evans M40 17:48.67 PB
LJ 1st Sami Yeganeh U11B 3.13 PB by 19 cms
1st Eleanor Newman U11G 2.48
2nd Owain Evans U13B 3.95 PB by 2 cms
2nd Eleanor Stewart U13G 3.45
1st Neil Carrington M50 4.50
1st Max Carrington U17M 3.76
1st Muna Mokah U17W 3.29
HT 1st Steve Burke M50 38.49
2nd Robert Ellingham M55 34.71
2nd Toby Carroll U17M 27.04
1st Muna Mokah U17W 13.98
1st Tamzin Digpal-Race U20W 30.49
2nd Caitlan Burke U20W 22.87 PB by 1.13m
SP 1st Steve Burke M50 9.93
1st Eleanor Newman U11G 3.34 PB by 23 cms
1st Toby Carroll U17M 9.46
1st Muna Mokah U17W 6.20
1st Tamzin Digpal-Race U20W 9.02

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