Cambs County XC Champs, Priory Park, 20 Jan 2024

Well done to all runners and coaches. And thanks to all supporters and to those who organised the races.

8 GOLD; 12 SILVER; 11 BRONZE = TOTAL 31 MEDALS – From 2005 to 2023, the club won 21 medals on three occasions.  It’s likely that 31 medals is a new club record.  Cambridge & Coleridge came away with 30 medals which, to be fair,  included 18 golds.
63 Hunts AC finishers.
40 Hunts AC runners came away with at least one medal.

19th Teddy Hamilton 7:54
25th Max O’Dell 8:07

1st Iris Purser 7:13 GOLD
4th Kitty Kelly 7:42
10th Lucy Hilton 8:16
23rd Ellie Newman 9:17
Team (Iris, Kitty, Lucy) – 1st GOLD

6th Jake Johnson 11:02
7th Jack Bone 11:27
18th Louis Spalding 12:47
Team (Jake, Jack, Louis) – 2nd SILVER

2nd Esme Lydon 11:06
9th Immy Wood 12:44
10th Hannah Darwin 12:53
11th Izzy Hilton 13:20
15th Sophie Bedingfield 14:12
17th Isabella Smith 15:55
19th Summer Rooney 16:42
Team (Esme, Immy, Hannah) – 1st GOLD
Team (Izzy, Sophie, Isabella) – 3rd BRONZE

3rd Oliver Albone 18:12 BRONZE
4th Milo Gray 18:17
8th Tom Richards 18:36
11th Frankie Benstead 19:13
12th Oliver Loveday 19:19
13th Ethan Locke 19:26
14th Leo Howard 19:35
16th George Connell 20:04
17th Lewis Cummins 21:04
18th Liam Morris 21:23
19th Daniel Brook 22:02
23rd Rupert Allen 28:05
Team (Oliver, Milo, Tom) – 2nd SILVER

3rd Freya Harris 19:37 BRONZE
7th Rebecca Smith 19:59

2nd Noah Scott-Donkin 18:22 SILVER
7th Tom Waterworth 19:23
12th Aaron Hawkins 20:43
15th Finnley Williams 21:35
17th William Crowther 22:21
Team (Noah, Tom, Aaron) – 2nd SILVER

4th Lily Reindel 26:11

1st Christopher Smith 33:33 GOLD (It’s quite possible that this is the first time that a Hunts AC runner has won the SM title since the club formed in 1967).
4th Oliver Mills 34:45 (2nd U20M) SILVER
7th James Orrell 35:21 (3rd SM) BRONZE
11th Dom Pauley 36:17 (6th U20M)
19th Jack Clark 37:57 (10th SM)
23rd Simon Bowman 38:40 (14th SM)
24th Ty Farrer 38:56 (1st M50) GOLD
25th Joseph Reindel 39:12 (7th U20M)
31st Chris de Stefano 41:19 (6th M40)
34th Duane Tomaselli 42:46 (8th M40)
41st Daniel Woolf 44:49 (3rd M50) BRONZE
50th Ryan Bullard 47:58 (21st SM)
55th Daniel Ryder 52:25 (9th U20M)
56th Jim Stocker 52:36 (2nd M60+) SILVER
U20M Team (Oliver, Dom, Joseph) – 2nd SILVER
SM Team (Christopher, Oliver, James, Dom, Jack, Simon) – 2nd SILVER
VM Team (Ty, Chris, Duane) – 2nd SILVER

4th Robyn Seabright 23:09 (3rd SW) BRONZE
6th Jess Williams 23:20
10th Issy Wilkins 24:22 (1st U20W) GOLD
11th Shelley Duffy 24:44 (3rd W45) BRONZE
13th Ieva Klavina 25:47 (2nd W35) SILVER
16th Gemma Sandells 26:15 (3rd W35) BRONZE
17th Rosie Mead 26:34 (3rd U20W) BRONZE
21st Amelia Darnell 28:05 (9th SW)
22nd Yvonne Nelson 29:40 (1st W55+) GOLD
25th Pauline Stocker 30:21 (3rd W55+) BRONZE
29th Lesley Jackson 35:55 (5th W45)
31st Hilary McConville 36:35 (7th W55+)
33rd Angela King 37:56 (8th W55+)
SW Team (Robyn, Jess, Issy) – 2nd SILVER
SW Team (Shelley, Ieva, Gemma) – 3rd BRONZE
VW Team (Shelley, Ieva, Gemma) – 1st GOLD
VW Team (Yvonne, Pauline, Lesley) – 2nd SILVER

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