Cambourne 10k, 24 Sep 2023

1st James Orrell 34:02

2nd Martin Amos 34:43 (1st M40-49)

3rd Simon Mead 35:33 (1st M50-59)

5th Ty Farrer 37:16 (3rd M50-59)

8th Nick Osborn 37:53

10th Josh Ansell 38:34 (2nd M20-39)

13th Steve Church 40:58 (3rd M50-59)

26th Ieva Klavina 43:45 (2nd W35-39)

27th Gemma Sandells 43:50 (3rd W35-39; PB)

56th Jim Stocker 48:23 (1st M70+)

70th Chris Davies 49:37

151st Jo Chatwood 56:53

187th Lesley Jackson 62:29

(249 finished)

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