5M H/C Course, 19 Feb 2023

1st Dave Hudson 26:00 (new club best, breaking Dave Connell’s 27:46 2017)
2nd James Orrell 27:58 3rd = All Time (AT)
3rd Martin Amos 28:06 5th AT
4th Noah Scott-Donkin 28:15 6th AT
5th Ty Farrer 28:36
6th Joey Croft 29:52
7th Nick Osborn 30:08
8th Rod McKee 30:23 13th AT (PB by 13 secs from 2017)
9th Sean Barker 30:24 14th AT
10th Dom Pauley 31:25 17th AT
11th Tom Waterworth 31:32 19th AT
12th Josh Ansell 31:39
13th Aaron Hawkins 32:07 23rd AT
14th Daniel Woolfe 32:27 25th = AT
15th Derek Darnell 33:32 34th AT
16th Lola Fletcher 36:56 7th AT
17th Shane Hunt 36:58
18th Jim Stocker 38:43
19th Amelia Darnell 40:39 24th AT

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