5M Club H’Cap Course, 23 Jul 2023

1st Keelan Duffy 29:29 (enters club all-time rankings at 11th)
2nd Oliver Loveday 30:19 (enters club rankings at 15th)
3rd Ty Farrer 30:35
4th Josh Ansell 30:42 (PB by 12 secs; 18th in club rankings)
5th Tom Waterworth 30:53 (PB by 39 secs; 20th to 19th in club rankings)
6th David Riley 31:11
7th Dom Pauley 31:33
8th Steve Church 33:16
9th Simon Bowman 33:17
10th Shane Hunt 34:41
11th Martin Rowe 34:43
12th Colette Guinea 44:51 (enters club all-time rankings at 37th)
13th Ross Griggs 45:53
14th Leanne Evans 46:20
15th Jo Chatwood 47:03 (started late; approximate actual time 44:06; official PB 45:12)
16th Lesley Jackson 49:09 (PB by 37 secs)

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