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Welcome to Hunts AC Road Runners

No experience is needed to join us. We welcome all abilities from beginners to super fit.

Training takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm, and on Sundays by arrangement meeting at the St.Ivo Outdoor Complex. The latest training schedule is on the Road Runners notice board. The training includes speed sessions, fartlek, 500m & 1k efforts, and lots more!. The road runners train as a group with the more experienced runners offering encouragement to all.

We compete in the Fostbite Friendly league in the winter.

We are not just a running club, we also hold social events after races.

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14/10/2018  Great Eastern Run, Peterborough  details

Half Marathon: 58 Mark Barry 75:36, 79 Nick Osborn 77:50, 133 Rod McKee 82:43, 191 Mark Wishart 85:49, 247 Richard Adamson 88:37, 402 Ian Marshall 94:05, 701 Dave Spurle 99:53, 1091 John Wilson 1:48:31, 1487 Phil Young 1:57:05, 1568 Sarah Wilkins 1:57:51, 2040 Georgia Hill 1:57:57, 2515 Diane Bunch 2:10:50, 2760 Peter Whitehead 2:18:25, 3008 Lizzie Burgess 2:27:28, 3272 Julia Tebbs 2:44:26
5K Fun Run: 920 Sandra Acton 67:14

Posted by Wayne Dubose on 16/10/2018 10:44:17

07/10/2018  Chester Marathon  details
Competing at precisely the same time as the Frostbite League runners, Ty Farrer and Derek Darnell were representing England Masters against a Celtic Nations team in the Chester Marathon. Both rose to the occasion with personal best efforts. Ty not only knocked over three minutes off his best time but also came away as British Masters M45 silver medallist. His even-paced running was highly impressive as he reeled off 10k splits of 36:56, 37:15, 36:53 and 37:08 running the full distance in 2:36:32. Derek took close to five minutes off his best time as he finished 429th overall (20th M55) out of 2784 finishers in 3:14:58.

Pos'nNameTimeCat.Age GradeNotes
18/2821Ty Farrer02:36:32VM45-4985.28%New club Marathon VM PB
429/2821Derek Darnell03:14:58VM55-5977.79%New club Marathon VM PB
969/2821Caroline King03:41:20VL40-4467.43%Club Marathon VL PB stays at 03:32:44

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    Posted by Wayne Gimblett on 16/10/2018 22:15:36

  • 07/10/2018  Cardiff Half Marathon  details
    366th Richard Adamson 1:25:29 (PB), 3294th Yvette Adamson 1:51:57 (18,966 finishers)

  • Event Website/Results:
    Posted by   on 16/10/2018 22:58:27

  • 07/10/2018  Standalone 10K  details

    Pos'nNameChip TimeCat.Age GradeNotes
    142/1250Kelly Crawford00:42:41SL30-3471.54%New club 10k SL PB
    276/1250James Stocker00:46:37VM65-6977.81%Club 10k VM PB stays at 00:41:35

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    Posted by Wayne Gimblett on 16/10/2018 21:47:09

  • 02/10/2018  5 mile Town Handicap Race  details

    Pos'nNameHandicap TimeActual TimeCat.Age GradeNotes
    1/16Hilary McConville00:56:4700:47:27VL65-6970.90%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:44:10
    2/16Lizzie Burgess00:56:5600:41:51VL35-3959.10%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:41:00
    3/16Sarah Haythornthwaite00:57:3000:47:17VL45-4954.92%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:43:39
    4/16David Spurle00:57:5300:36:47SM35-3960.03%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:35:12
    5/16CC Hime00:58:5400:36:38

    6/16Richard Adamson00:58:0300:33:21SM35-3967.19%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:33:05
    7/16Jess Mann00:58:1000:44:37SL30-3454.30%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:48:27
    8/16Frances Stanton00:58:2600:42:15SL20-2457.28%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:39:35
    9/16Alan Burgin00:58:2800:39:43VM65-6970.49%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:37:45
    10/16Adrian Smith00:58:3100:40:06VM60-6468.55%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:39:39
    11/16Sasha Suvorov00:58:3400:44:29VL40-4456.21%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:43:30
    12/16Pauline Stocker00:58:4100:40:32VL55-5975.04%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:39:21
    13/16Peter Whitehead00:59:0800:49:50VM70-7458.49%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:48:50
    14/16Arseniy Suvorov00:59:2900:36:17U20M60.80%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:34:36
    15/16Sandra Stephens00:59:3500:49:57VL45-4953.01%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:47:45
    16/16Jeff Mercer00:59:4300:37:39VM40-4460.41%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:35:16

    Posted by Wayne Gimblett on 16/10/2018 21:34:14

    30/09/2018  Robin Hood Half Marathon  details

    Pos'nNameTimeCat.Age GradeNotes
    5883Julia Tebbs02:55:37VL45-4940.61%Club Half Marathon VL PB stays at 02:33:03

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    Posted by Wayne Gimblett on 30/09/2018 22:55:52

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