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September 2004 News Reports

01/09/2004  Watford Graded Open  details
Three Club Athletes attended this meeting and despite arriving in perfect conditions with clear blue skies and high temperatures, by the time the meeting got under way the temperature had fallen to a level where any chance of a PB was slim.

Adam Charlton and Ben Sharpe decided to double up in the 100m and 200m.
In Race 1 of the 100m Adam Charlton ran strongly to come home in front of Jamaal Alert Khan in a time of 10.9sec.
In Race 3 Ben ran well and in a blanket finish against the London sprinters recorded a time of 12.3sec.

In Race 1 of the 200m despite Alert Khan pulling out because it was too cold Adam ran a very strong bend and straight to finish in 21.8sec.
In Race 5 Ben was in 4th place around the bend, but a strong run down the home straight saw him just fail to catch the leader and he finished in 24.5sec.

Christian Roberts had to wait until after 9pm for the 1500m races to begin and by then it was very cold. Christian ran in Race 3 and unfortunately the first lap was run at a very slow pace and at the bell any chance of a PB had long since disappeared as he finished in 4min 48.2sec.

Highlight of the evening was the appearance of Jo Fenn who is one of the UKs top 800m runners and had come to watch the event. Christian managed to obtain her autograph but Adam failed to get her telephone number!

05/09/2004  Luton 10k  details
On a very warm Sunday morning a field of 100 runners took part in the Luton 10k. Starting from Vauxhall Recreation Centre, we looped a field twice, and passed through the town centre, back around to the field again and on to the finish. As it was a very warm run, the slow times showed with Ian Marshall finishing in 40min 10sec and John Smith 41min 20sec well away from their PBs.

05/09/2004  Woking Young Athletes Open Championship -   details
One Club athlete attended this large Open Meeting held in Woking.

Gian Zicchi travelled down and competed in the U15 Boys 100m where he finished 3rd in the Final in a time of 12.9sec.
The Final was won in 12.4sec with only 5/10ths of a second seperating the Top 3.

  • Event Website/Results:

  • 11/09/2004  Southern Womens League - Round 6  details
    The final round of this years Southern Womens League continued to disappoint for the combined Hunts AC & C&C Ladies team who now appear to be facing relegation from Division 2.

    The last of their long journeys this season saw them travel to Southampton with the only "highlight" of the day being Liz Edwards winning the "A" Hammer with a best of 40.96m.

    Liz also finished 3rd in the "B Shot and Discus with younger sister hayley finishing 3rd in the "A" Shot with a best of 8.15m and a 2nd in the "B" Javelin and Hammer.

    Full Results will be published when they become available.

    12/09/2004  EYAL - League Cup Final - St Ives  details
    Hunts AC Junior Team finished 2nd overall on the day behind a strong Harlow Team despite either finishing 1st or 2nd in most events!
    The Team dominated on the Track but lost points in the Field events.
    Despite the gale force wind and cold conditions Club athletes still managed to set 26 new PBs - mainly in the Field events.

    Highlights included:
    New Club record for U13 Johnathan Edwards in the Discus with a throw of 27.02m.
    A new Club Record for the U13 Girls in the 4 x 100m Relay with the team of Kayleigh Borkett, Ellie Rhodes, Daniella McGrory and Jackie Llaneza getting the baton round in 57.5sec.
    The U13 Girls Team winning their Age Group Trophy.

    Full Results are as follows:

    U13 Boys
    75m Hurdles-"A"-3rd-Michael Smith-15.7sec(PB)-"B"-1st-Mehmet Koroglu-14.7sec(PB)
    100m-"A"-4th-Mehmet Koroglu-15.1sec-"B"-2nd-Sam Sibbald-15.3sec
    200m-"A"-3rd-Richard Stenton-29.1sec-"B"-2nd-Sam Sibbald-30.9sec
    800m -"A"-2nd-Christopher Smith-2min 32.9sec-"B"-1st-Kieran Fordham-2min 50.9sec
    1500m-"A"-1st-Michael Smith-5min 5.5sec
    Long Jump-"A"-1st-Richard Stenton-4.59m(PB)-"B"-4th-Christopher Smith-3.52m
    High Jump-"A"-2nd-Michael Smith-1.30m(PB)-"B"-3rd-Mehmet Koroglu-1.05m
    Shot-"A"-2nd-Richard Stenton-8.16m-"B"-1st-Johnathan Edwards-8.07m
    Discus-"A"-1st-Johnathan Edwards-27.02m(PB)(U13B Club Record)-"B"-3rd-Kieran Fordham-11.68m(PB)
    4 x 100m Relay-3rd-M.Smith-R.Stenton-M.Koroglu-S.Sibbald-58.8sec

    U13 Girls
    70m Hurdles-"A"-3rd-Emma Butcher-16.0sec-"B"-2nd-Kayleigh Borkett-14.5sec(PB)
    100m-A"-Ellie Rhodes-1st-14.1sec-"B"-1st-Kayleigh Borkett-15.3sec
    200m-"A"-1st-Kayleigh Borkett-30.8sec-"B"-1st-Jackie Llaneza-30.7sec
    800m-"A"-2ND-Jackie Llaneza-2min 58.7sec-"B"-1st-Daniella McGrory-2min 49.4sec(PB)
    1500m-"A"-1st-Emma Butcher-5min 56sec-"B"-2nd-Sammi Skinner-6min 29.5sec
    Long Jump-"A"-1st-Ellie Rhodes-4.34m-"B"-Maddie Rhodes-3.45m
    High Jump-"A"-1st-Daniella McGrory-1.30m(PB)-"B"-3rd-Emma Butcher-1.10m
    Shot-"A"-1st-Ellie Rhodes-7.57m(PB)-"B"-3rd-Sammi Skinner-4.77m(PB)
    Discus-"A"-4th-Sammi Skinner-12.91m-"B"-2nd-Daniela McGrory-9.09m
    4 x 100m Relay-1st-E.Rhodes-K.Borkett-D.McGrory-J.Llaneza-57.5sec(U13G Club Record)

    U15 Boys
    80m Hurdles-"A"-2nd-Christian Roberts-12.7sec
    100m-"A"-2nd-Gian Zicchi-12.2sec-"B"2nd-Daniel Brown-13.8sec
    200m-"A"-1st-Gian Zicchi-24.8sec-"B"-1st-Daniel Brown-27.5sec
    400m-3rd-Christian Roberts-59.1sec
    800m-"A"-1st-Christian Roberts-2min 12.2sec
    1500m-"A"-3rd-Daniel Brown-5min 31.2sec(PB)
    Long Jump-"A"-3rd-Gian Zicchi-4.98m-"B"-2nd-Don Conway-4.49m(PB)
    High Jump-"A"-4th-Don Conway-1.50m-"B"-3rd-Mark Cheeseman-1.30m
    Shot-"A"-5th-Chris Johnstone-7.27m-"B"-5th-Mark Cheeseman-4.71m
    Discus-"A"-5th-Chris Johnstone-21.26m(PB)
    Javelin-"A"-3rd-Don Conway-27.88m-"B"-5th-Chris Johnstone-16.59m(PB)
    4 x 100m Relay-1st-C.Roberts-D.Brown-T.Kilpatrick-G.Zicchi-49.5sec

    U15 Girls
    75m Hurdles-"A"-2nd-Sophie Hixon-15.1sec(PB)-"B"-3rd-Clare Thrale-16.7sec
    100m-"A"-2nd-Chloe Weaver-14.3sec-"B"-1st-Sophie Hixon-14.4sec(PB)
    200m-"A"-1st-Christy Smith-28.9sec-"B"-1st-Chloe Weaver-29.3sec
    800m-"A"-3rd-Siobahn Skinner-2min 52.3sec
    1500m-"A"-1st-Christy Smith-5min 2.6sec-"B"-1st-Katie Burgin-6min 9.9sec
    Long Jump-"A"-3rd-Kate Slater-4.39m-"B"-3rd-Chloe Weaver-4.15m(PB)
    High Jump-"A"-4th-Sophie Hixon-1.35m(PB)-"B"-Christy Smith-1.25m
    Shot-"A"-5th-Clare Thrale-5.58m(PB)-"B"-4th-Katie Burgin-4.82m(PB)
    Discus-"A"-3rd-Kate Slater-17.06m
    Javelin-"A"-5th-Katie Burgin-10.02m-"B"-2nd-Sammi Skinner-9.14m
    4 x 100m Relay-2nd-C.Smith-S.Hixon-K.Slater-C.Weaver-56.0sec

    U17 Boys
    100m Hurdles-"A"-2nd-David Boyle-32.9sec
    100m-"A"-1st-David Boyle-12.2sec(PB)-"B"-2nd-Scott Whitehill-12.8sec
    200m-"A"-3rd-Scott Whitehill-26.3sec
    400m-"A"-1ST-Charles Pook-52.5sec(PB)-"B"-2nd-Scott Whitehill-59.5sec
    1500m-"A"-2nd-Charles Pook-4min 39.1sec
    Long Jump-"A"-1st-Alex Slater-6.19m(PB)
    High Jump-"A"-1st-Alex Slater-1.75m
    Triple Jump-"A"-2nd-David Boyle-11.79m-"B"-1st-Alex Slater-11.32m
    Shot-"A"-4th-Charles Pook-9.4m-"B"-3rd-Robert Dunn-7.47m(PB)
    Discus-"A"-5th-Roberts Dunn-18.87m
    Javelin-"A"-4th-Robert Dunn-24.46m(PB)
    4 x 100m Relay-1st-S.Whitehill-C.Pook-D.Boyle-A.Slater-47.6sec

    U17 Girls
    800m-"A"-1st-Emma Garwood-2min 44sec
    Long Jump-"A"-4th-Emma Garwood-3.73m(PB)
    Shot-"A"-3rd-Hayley Edwrads-8.28m-"B"-2nd-Emma Garwood-4.41m
    Discus-"A"-2nd-Hayley edwards-20.9m
    Javelin-"A"-2nd-Hayley Edwards-18.76m

    The Final Result was as follows:
    Harlow 478.5points
    Hunts AC 449.5points
    St.Albans 432 points
    Colchester 394 points
    Biggleswade 294 points

    12/09/2004  Grunty Fen Half Marathon  details
    3 Hunts AC athletes competed in this event, in very difficult conditions. Although a bright, sunny day, very strong winds made life very difficult for the competitors on an obviously flat and open course. 573 runners completed the course with Andy Richardson in 34th place in 1:24:19, John Smith 78th 1:29:19 (excellent first half marathon!) and Adrian Lewis 158th 1:37:21. The race was won by the Kenyan flyer, Wilfred Taragon in 1:08:04, close to 5 minutes ahead of the 2nd placed runner!

  • Event Website/Results:

  • 17/09/2004  Committee Meeting  details
    Committee Meeting held - Minutes will be circulated to Committee Members.

    19/09/2004  Chariots of Fire - Team Relay  details
    This years event attracted 400 teams of 6 for the famous race around Cambridges streets which was watched by thousands of spectators.

    Guests included the Comedian Eddie Large and Geoffrey Archers wife Mary. The Guest of Honour and the races Honorary President Sir Arthur Marshall who competed in the famous 1924 "Chariots of Fire" Olympics was presented with a special book detailing all the previous Chariots of Fire races.

    The holders Cambridge University Hare & Hounds team have managed to retain the race title every year since the race was inaugurated.

    This year events were slightly different when the Hunts AC "Green Machine" in the shape of Neil Speaight, Dave Connell, Mike Scott, Peter Downhill and Dave Bell rolled into town.

    The Hunts AC team took no prisoners with each team runner maintaining a devastating pace as they destroyed the Course Record by over two and a half minutes coming home in a time of 50min 53seconds relegating the Cambridge University Team to 2nd place.

    Unfortunately this epic result does not have a happy ending as although the rules state Teams of 6 to complete the 6 x 1.7 Mile Relay (it does not mention they have to be 6 different runners) our team ran with only 5 to cover the 6 x 1.7 Mile Laps with Neil Speaight running two of them (old corinthian spirit?). Unfortunately this was not to the liking of some who complained and the organisers consequently disqualified them.

    This changed the actual result and surprisingly the winners on the day were Cambridge University Hare & Hounds!

    For next years race instead of giving the competition a realistic chance as they did this year the "Green Machine" has promised to return with a full team of 6!

    22/09/2004  U19 Commonwealth Youth Games - Australia  details
    "Chloe Edwards selected as a member of the GB U19 Team to attend the Commonwealth Youth Games in Australia"

    UKA is taking a team of 30 top U19 Athletes to compete in the 2nd Commonwealth Youth Games in Melbourne, Australia over the 2nd and 3rd December 2004.

    Chloe is representing GB in the Ladies Shot where she will be competing against 21 other countries.

    23/09/2004  Eastern Combined Events & Club Championships  details
    There was a good turn out for this Dual event where both the Eastern Counties and Cambridgeshire titles were on offer in the Minithon for the U13 Age Group and the Pentathlon for the U15 and U17 Age Groups.
    A good number of Club Juniors competed and during the day set 22 new PBs on their way to winning 3 Eastern titles and 5 County titles.

    The following results were achieved with Ellie Rhodes (U13G), Richard Stenton (U13B) and Charles Pook (U17) winning both Eastern and Cambridgeshire titles:

    U13G Minithon - Eastern & Cambridgeshire Champion - Ellie Rhodes - 75 points.
    Cambs Championship Silver Medal - Daniella Mc Grory - 59 points

    U13B - Minithon - Eastern & Cambridgeshire Champion - Richard Stenton - 74 points
    Eastern Bronze & Cambs Silver Medal - Michael Smith - 63 points(PB-Shot-5.59m)
    Cambs Bronze Medal - Christopher Smith - 47 points(PB-Discus-12.67m)

    U15G - Pentathlon - Cambs Champion - Christy Smith - 1798 points(PBs-75H-17.Osec,Shot-6.43m,LJ-2.88m)

    U15B - Pentathlon - Cambs Champion - Christian Roberts - 2196 points(PB)(PBs-LJ-5.38m, Shot-6.46m)

    U17B - Eastern & Cambs Champion - Charles Pook - 2392 points(PBs-Discus-24.37m,200m-24.2sec,LJ-5.20m,Javelin-33.09m), Eastern & Cambs Silver medal - Andrew Bullimore - 2241 points(PBs-1500m-5min 12.8sec,Discus-20.9m,Javelin-23.75m).

    25/09/2004  BUPA Elite Mens Mile Road Race - Newcastle  details
    Neil Speaight competed in this Elite Mens Mile Race where he finished 12th in 4min 11.8sec.

    A close sprint finish bewteen the top 3 athletes saw Ivan Heshko( Ukraine) outsprint Eliud Kipchoge(Kenya) and Rui Silva(Portugal) to win in a time of 4min 2.6sec with Kipchoge given the same time and Silva on 4min 3.9sec.

    26/09/2004  Ipswich Duathlon, RUN 5km - BIKE 23km - RUN 5km  details
    The club was represented by two members in this challenging multi-event. Conditions were excellent for the bleary-eyed competitors, paying off for Ian Marshall (our resident tri-athlete) who won first place in his age category. Andy Richardson competing in his first such event ran strongly (3rd overall in the third stage) but found his lack of cycling experience kept him down the field overall.

  • Event Website/Results:

  • 27/09/2004  Under 11 Club Championship  details
    The Under 11 Club Championships will take place on the evenings of SEPT 28TH & 30TH.

    The events available are:
    Long Jump
    80m Sprint
    Cricket/Tennis Ball Throw

    We hope to run all the events on each night with your best scores from a Sprint, Throw, Jump and Long Distance over the two nights counting towards your final total with Athletes trying to better their first score on the second night.

    If there are any problems on the nights we will continue onto the following week.

    Entry fee for the overall competition is a total of £2.

    Under 9 Age Group - If there are enough Under 9 Athletes we may make this a separate Age Group competition on the same days.

    29/09/2004  Watford Graded Open  details
    Two Club athletes attended Watfords last Open meeting of the year which brings to a close the 2004 Track season.

    On an evening when Athletes enjoyed unseasonaly warm and still weather there were a number of good performances.

    In Race 2 of the 800m Christian Roberts (U15) was drawn in the same race as club-mate Mike Scott (SM) and in a very competitive and close run race 7 athletes were still in contention with 200m to go.
    With his usual strong finish Christian moved up from 6th to 3rd coming off the final bend to finish level on the line with Mike.

    It took the Watford Photo Finish Machine a little time to split the top 3 athletes but when the result came through it gave the winner a time of 2min 7.66sec, Mike 2min 8.60sec and Christian a new PB of 2min 8.61sec.

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