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March 2019 News Reports

02/03/2019  U13/U15 Indoor Meet, Lee Valley  details
After breaking the U13G's club indoor 200m record back in October with 30.07, and subsequently losing it a few months later to Faith Harrison who ran 30.03, Moria Howard won her 200m race in 29.20 to reclaim the record.  For good measure, Moria long jumped out to 4.09m for 2nd place, just 3 cms from her own record set last year.   Tamzin Digpal-Race ran a PB 11.55 for 2nd in the 60mH.

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 05/03/2019 10:39:00

02/03/2019  Parkruns  details

The day after CC Hime became an official Hunts AC member, she ran 20:05 to finish 11th in the Huntingdon parkrun 5k. This was a PB by 50 seconds (from 2016) and puts her 3rd equal on the Hunts AC all-time rankings. CC is five seconds from making the number two spot her own. Alex Mortimer finished 252nd in 33:07, a PB by 29 seconds.

Cambridge Parkrun
Pos'nNameChip TimeCat.Age GradeNotes
91/459James Stocker00:23:20VM70-7475.54%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:19:12

Peterborough Parkrun
Pos'nNameChip TimeCat.Age GradeNotes
210/599Ieva Klavina00:26:56VL35-3956.16%Peterborough Parkrun debut

Huntingdon Parkrun
Pos'nNameChip TimeCat.Age GradeNotes
8/328Markus Downhill00:19:53U15B71.37%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:19:18
11/328Cecilia Hime00:20:05U20L74.49%%2nd Female - New Huntingdon parkrun PB
35/328Richard Adamson00:22:02VM40-4461.95%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:19:53
41/328Matthew Hiscock00:22:10VM45-4965.48%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:20:34
72/328Hayden Waller00:23:44VM55-5964.75%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:22:53
117/328Georgia Hill00:25:29SL25-2958.08%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:19
144/328Yvette Adamson00:26:50VL40-4458.19%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:02
157/328Diane Bunch00:27:22VL60-6471.92%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:25:12
166/328Sasha Suvorov00:27:51VL40-4454.91%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:27:06
169/328Chloe Wilson00:27:54SL20-2453.07%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:16
170/328Bruce Grimley00:27:55VM60-6459.54%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:20:39
180/328Farrell Macrae00:28:30VM50-5451.75%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:42
240/328James Haycock00:32:19SM25-2939.92%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:27:08
252/328Alex Mortimer00:33:07U13B46.19%New Huntingdon parkrun PB
280/328Steve Mortimer00:35:37VM50-5441.41%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:41
288/328Joanne Wilson00:36:35VL45-4944.27%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:31:31

Littleport Parkrun
Pos'nNameChip TimeCat.Age GradeNotes
19/165Roger Holliday00:23:00VM50-5465.17%Littleport Parkrun PB stays at 00:21:52
23/195Mike Rose00:24:21VM55-5964.18%Littleport Parkrun PB stays at 00:21:18
36/195Marion Barber00:25:36VL55-5969.80%Littleport Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:55

Hunts AC: 19/03/02 - Huntingdon Parkrun &emdash;
Yvette Adamson completing her 50th Parkrun

  • Event Website/Results:
    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 03/03/2019 19:23:26

  • 02/03/2019  The Belvoir Challenge Marathon  details

    15 mile results
    Pos'nNameChip TimeCat.Age GradeNotes
    635/779Susan Richardson04:51:19VL55-5933.46%
    641/779Andy Richardson04:52:25VM55-5928.34%

    Marathon results
    Pos'nNameChip TimeCat.Age GradeNotes
    29/315Andrew Enticknap04:02:26VM50-5457.53%Club Marathon VM PB stays at 03:09:48
    77/315Claire Webster04:38:29VL35-3949.37%New club Marathon VL PB

    Road Runners Championship update:
    Veteran Female - Claire Webster moved from 11th to 10th
    Veteran Male - Andy Richardson moves from 35th to 26th

  • Event Website/Results:http://
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    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 08/03/2019 23:28:17

  • 03/03/2019  East Anglian Prep Schools Cross Country Championships, Woodbridge  details
    Alasdair Large placed 2nd in the East Anglian Prep Schools Under 11 Boys Cross Country Championships at Woodbridge.

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 03/03/2019 13:25:59

    03/03/2019  Cambridge Half Marathon  details

    Pos'nNameChip TimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    42/8376Darren Matthews01:16:0805:48/mileSM35-3980.39%New club Half Marathon SM PB
    122/8377Rod McKee01:20:3606:09/mileVM45-4982.37%Club Half Marathon VM PB stays at 01:20:34
    137/8378Richard Moore01:21:1606:12/mileVM40-4476.51%Club Half Marathon VM PB stays at 01:20:44
    168/8379Ian Gallagher01:22:3106:18/mileSM35-3973.60%Club Half Marathon SM PB stays at 01:19:53
    236/8380Ian Marshall01:24:0906:25/mileSM35-3972.73%Club Half Marathon VM debut
    287/8381Sean Barker01:25:2006:31/mileVM50-5479.83%Club Half Marathon SM PB stays at 01:22:08
    526/8382Mark Wishart01:28:1306:44/mileVM40-4472.20%Club Half Marathon VM PB stays at 01:25:55
    551/8383Gair Matthews01:29:5406:51/mileVM50-5474.48%Club Half Marathon VM PB stays at 01:28:47
    726/8384Wayne Gimblett01:32:4207:04/mileVM50-5472.85%Club Half Marathon VM PB stays at 01:23:02
    952/8385Daniel Woolf01:35:3307:17/mileVM45-4967.76%Club Half Marathon VM PB stays a t01:23:51
    1148/8386Caroline King01:37:2007:25/mileVL45-4972.58%Club Half Marathon VL PB stays at 01:36:03
    1185/8387Jonathan Wheeler01:37:4207:27/mileVM40-4463.14%New club Half Marathon VM PB
    1696/8388Tim Watkins01:41:5507:46/mileVM40-4461.50%New club Half Marathon VM PB
    1720/8389Roger Holliday01:42:0807:47/mileVM50-5466.70%Club Half Marathon VL PB stays at 01:34:16
    2844/8390Adrian Smith01:49:5208:23/mileVM60-6469.21%New club Half Marathon VM PB
    2898/8391Tara Dundon01:50:1408:25/mileSL30-3460.12%Club Half Marathon SL PB stays at 01:45:56
    2910/8392Rebecca Farrer01:50:1908:25/mileVL40-4462.96%New club Half Marathon VL PB
    3836/8393Pauline Stocker01:56:0508:51/mileVL55-5972.27%Club Half Marathon VL PB stays at 01:48:48
    5126/8394Bryan Nylander02:04:1109:28/mileVM50-5454.38%Club Half Marathon VM PB stays at 01:52:41
    5242/8395Chloe Wilson02:05:0509:32/mileSL20-2452.66%Club Half Marathon SL debut
    5339/8396Sandra Stephens02:05:5209:36/mileVL45-4957.86%Club Half Marathon VL debut
    6516/8397Tina Smith02:15:5310:22/mileVL55-5960.07%Club Half Marathon VL debut

  • Event Website/Results:http://
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    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 12/03/2019 21:57:29

  • 03/03/2019  Ringland Half Marathon  details

    Pos'nNameChip TimeCat.Age GradeNotes
    32/776Richard Adamson01:25:34VM40-4472.10%New club Half Marathon VM PB
    313/776Yvette Adamson01:50:58VL40-4462.59%Club Half Marathon VL PB stays at 01:45:08

    Hunts AC: 19/03/03 - Ringland Half Marathon &emdash;

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    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 08/03/2019 22:35:27

  • 03/03/2019  Essex 20  details

    Pos'nNameChip TimeCat.Age GradeNotes
    37/330Nick Osborn02:01:41SM35-3977.83%Club 20 mile SM debut
    38/330Ty Farrer02:01:45VM45-4982.34%Club 20 mile VM PB stays at 02:01:05

    Hunts AC: 19/03/03 - Essex 20 &emdash;

  • Event Website/Results:
  • View Club Athletes Results

    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 08/03/2019 22:52:29

  • 09/03/2019  Inter Counties Champs XC, Prestwold Hall, nr Loughborough  details
    Derek reports: We had Casper and Howard running at the Inter Counties Championship XC at Prestwold Hall. Casper (U17M) completed his 6k in 21:03 to finish 137th/283. This was a 50-place improvement from last year and he was the 3rd finisher for the Cambs AA team. Howard (U15B) finished 208th/313 with 15:12 for his 4k. Howard has another year in the age group. Well done to them.

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 14/03/2019 06:49:28

    09/03/2019  Parkruns  details

    Cambridge Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    7/416Richard Moore00:18:4506:02/mileVM40-4473.35%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:17:47
    22/416Kyan Mayo00:20:5406:44/mileU15B67.89%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:20:33
    196/416Joe Allen00:27:3708:53/mileU17M49.59%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:27:12

    Huntingdon Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    2/325Tom Oliver00:18:5006:04/mileSM25-2968.50%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:17:56
    4/325Alex Almond00:19:4506:21/mileSM25-2965.32%Huntingdon Parkrun debut
    77/325Bruce Grimley00:24:1507:48/mileVM60-6468.54%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:20:39
    78/325Andy Richardson00:25:5408:20/mileVM55-5960.86%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:20:35
    96/325Andrew Enticknap00:25:5408:20/mileVM50-5456.94%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:19:47
    97/325Rebecca Farrer00:26:4208:36/mileVL40-4458.48%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:25:03
    130/325Ieva Klavina00:26:4208:36/mileVL35-3956.65%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:21:30
    132/325Farrell Macrae00:28:0109:01/mileVM50-5452.64%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:42
    149/325Claire Webster00:28:0509:02/mileVL35-3953.21%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:25:09
    199/325Sasha Suvorov00:28:3209:11/mileVL40-4453.59%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:27:06
    205/325Matthew Hiscock00:30:4009:52/mileVM45-4947.33%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:20:34
    276/325Diane Bunch00:31:0009:59/mileVL60-6463.49%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:25:12
    276/325Diane Gannon00:36:1611:40/mileVL60-6455.07%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:28:14

    Littleport Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    2/192Ciaran Burke00:18:4906:03/mileU15B75.41%New Littleport Parkrun PB
    9/192Roger Holliday00:20:5506:44/mileVM50-5471.66%New Littleport Parkrun PB
    28/192Caitlan Burke00:24:2407:51/mileU13G66.72%Littleport Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:02
    36/192Marion Barber00:25:5108:19/mileVL55-5969.12%Littleport Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:55
    38/192Mike Rose00:25:5108:19/mileVM55-5960.46%Littleport Parkrun PB stays at 00:21:18
    101/192Steve Burke00:30:0609:41/mileVM45-4947.47%Littleport Parkrun PB stays at 00:26:34

    Hunts AC: 19/03/09 - Huntingdon Parkrun &emdash;
    From left: Sasha Suvorov, Claire Webster, Andrew Enticknap, Kelly Crawford, Andy Richardson, Ieva Klavina

    2019 Road Runners Championship update:
    Most Improved Veteran Male - Roger Holliday was 9th now joint 3rd

  • Event Website/Results:
  • View Club Athletes Results

    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 12/03/2019 22:57:33

  • 09/03/2019  British Masters Indoor Champs, Lee Valley  details
    One gold, three silvers and four bronze medals Jo Abel (W45): 1st Triple Jump 9.44m (Veteran Women's inaugural indoor club record); 2nd Long Jump 4.31m (beat Penny Butcher's Veteran Women's indoor club record of 3.85m set in 2017). This was Jo’s first-ever indoor competition. Neil Carrington (M50): 2nd Triple Jump 10.23m, 2nd Long Jump 4.86m Martin Gardner (M40): 3rd Shot Putt 10.89m, 3rd High Jump 1.50m 3rd Weight Throw 7.31m (Club Veterans Record) Sandra Pedley (W50): 3rd Pole Vault 1.80m Yinka Opaleye (M45): 4th 60m 7.64 (7.63 for 2nd in his heat to break his Veteran Men's indoor club record of 7.71)

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 18/03/2019 11:27:58

    10/03/2019  Bath Half Marathon  details
    Alan Burgin ran in the Bath HM for the 4th time, the previous three outings being in the first three years that it was held, 1982,83 and 84. The course is still the same one, it is just the number of people taking past that has grown, from somewhere in the region of 2,000 to 15,000 this year. Alan had a decent run, 1:47:24 (chip time) to finish 2829/14906 and 12th MV65

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 19/03/2019 10:58:10

    10/03/2019  Frostbite League - Jubilee Park  details
    Hunts AC Seniors and Juniors both won Frostbite League cross country team titles.

    Hunts AC Seniors won for the third time in four years while the Juniors won for the third year in a row. Hunts AC Juniors won all six races and have won 12 consecutive races over the past two seasons. Every single Hunts AC junior scorer will be returning next season (no one is aging out into the senior race).

    98 Hunts AC runners took part (52 seniors, 46 juniors)


    Seniors (5 Miles) - 362 finishers

    Hunts AC Scorers


    3rd Darren Matthews 29:56, 4th Tom Oliver 30:03, 6th Ty Farrer 30:06, 16th Dave Connell 31:01, 19th Rod McKee 31:12, 31st Ian Marshall 32:15, 34th Richard Adamson 32:36


    128th Kelly Crawford 37:17 (11th female), 136th Ieva Klavina 37:41 (14th female), 155 Caroline King 38:56 (22nd female)

    Team Race Scores

    1st BRJ 451, 2nd Hunts AC 532, 3rd Riverside Runners 707

    Final League Standings

    1st Hunts AC 95, 2nd Riverside Runners 83, 3rd BRJ 74 (16 teams)


    Juniors (1.5 Miles) - 167 finishers

    Hunts AC Scorers

    2nd Oliver Mills 8:09, 4th Jacob Preston 8:22, 6th Ciaran Burke 8:32, 9th Markus Downhill 8:38, 11th Issy Wilkins 8:40 (2nd girl)

    Team Race Scores

    1st Hunts AC 32, 2nd Riverside Runners 82, 3rd Cambridge & Coleridge 132

    Final League Standings

    1st Hunts AC 90, 2nd NVH 77, 3rd Riverside Runners 75 (15 teams)

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 11/03/2019 09:05:24

    10/03/2019  Boundary run  details

    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    10/399Simon Margot03:07:3807:09/mileVM40-4468.22%Club marathon VM debut
    114/399Andrew Enticknap03:46:5708:39/mileVM50-5461.45%Club Marathon VM PB stays at 03:09:48

  • Event Website/Results:http://
  • View Club Athletes Results

    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 15/03/2019 19:34:57

  • 12/03/2019  5M Handicap Race  details

    Pos'nNameHandicap TimeActual TimeCat.Age GradeAge GradeNotes
    1/16Emma Musgrave00:57:2700:34:4406:57/mileSL30-3469.97%Town Handicap debut
    2/16Alex Almond00:58:0300:32:3206:30/mileSM25-2965.57%New Town Handicap PB (2min 24sec improvement)
    3/16Peter German00:59:0600:44:3408:55/mileVM65-6962.82%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:40:11
    4/16Yvette Adamson00:59:0800:41:4708:21/mileVL40-4461.10%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:39:17
    5/16Alan Burgin00:59:2900:40:0008:00/mileVM65-6969.99%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:37:45
    6/16Matthew Hiscock00:59:3800:34:5406:59/mileVM45-4968.77%New Town Handicap PB (0min 23sec improvement)
    7/16Richard Adamson00:59:4800:32:4306:33/mileVM40-4468.99%New Town Handicap PB (0min 08sec improvement)
    8/16Arseniy Suvorov00:59:5000:37:2307:29/mileU20M58.29%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:34:36
    9/16Frances Stanton01:00:0700:42:5508:35/mileSL20-2456.39%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:39:35
    10/16Pauline Stocker01:00:1900:41:5808:24/mileVL55-5973.49%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:39:21
    11/16Richard Farrington01:00:2900:43:3908:44/mileVM50-5457.18%Town Handicap debut
    12/16Sasha Suvorov01:00:4300:43:3908:44/mileVL40-4458.63%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:43:13
    13/16Tina Smith01:00:4800:47:4009:32/mileVL55-5962.95%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:46:39
    14/16Diane Gannon01:01:0400:50:2010:04/mileVL60-6464.88%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:47:07
    15/16Simon Rider01:01:2400:42:3608:31/mileVM50-5457.72%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:39:58
    16/16Niki Winsor01:02:0200:43:4508:45/mileVL40-4457.91%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:39:21

    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 18/03/2019 22:09:28

    16/03/2019  English Schools XC Champs, Leeds  details
    Derek reports:  Despite being in the first year of the Inter Girls age group, Issy Wilkins finished in the top 100 and was the 2nd girl  home for the Cambs Schools team. The weather never quite got as bad as the forecasts predicted and was nowhere near as bad as last year but the regular drizzly showers meant that the course became progressively worse as each race passed. Howard Croft, Ciaran Burke (Junior Boys), and Casper Hiscock (Senior Boys all ran well on their debuts in this prestigious championship. Casper has another year in his age group. CC Hime running for the second time as a Senior Girl finished 143rd, an improvement of almost 100 places on last year. Well done to all.

    Inter Girls 3.7K - Issy 98th/341 14.58

    Junior Boys 4.1K - Howard 130th/343 15.05, Ciaran 251st 15.45

    Senior Girls 4.1K - CC 143rd/315 17.47

    Senior Boys 6.7K - Casper 119th/309 24.18

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 17/03/2019 09:01:01

    16/03/2019  Parkruns  details

    Cambridge Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    17/403Kyan Mayo00:19:5606:25/mileU15B71.19%New Cambridge Parkrun PB
    37/403Roger Holliday00:21:1006:49/mileVM50-5470.82%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:17:46
    163/403Joe Allen00:26:3208:32/mileU17M51.62%New Cambridge Parkrun PB

    Peterborough Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    51/541Arseniy Suvorov00:21:4006:58/mileU20M60.82%Peterborough Parkrun debut
    334/541Sasha Suvorov00:30:3709:51/mileVL40-4449.95%Peterborough Parkrun debut

    Huntingdon Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    2/328Tom Oliver00:18:2705:56/mileSM25-2969.92%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:17:56
    61/328Andy Richardson00:24:3307:54/mileVM55-5964.21%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:20:35
    62/328Richard Adamson00:24:3407:54/mileVM40-4455.56%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:19:47
    75/328Georgia Hill00:25:0508:04/mileSL25-2959.00%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:19
    112/328Chloe Wilson00:26:4608:37/mileSL20-2455.31%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:16
    119/328Frances Stanton00:27:0608:43/mileSL20-2454.61%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:23:39
    121/328Yvette Adamson00:27:1408:46/mileVL40-4457.33%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:02
    134/328Bruce Grimley00:27:4008:54/mileVM60-6460.08%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:20:39
    198/328David Spurle00:31:0910:02/mileSM35-3943.17%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:21:20
    240/328James Haycock00:33:1110:41/mileSM25-2938.87%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:27:08

    Littleport Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    31/170Marion Barber00:25:3308:13/mileVL55-5970.87%Littleport Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:55

  • Event Website/Results:
  • View Club Athletes Results

    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 18/03/2019 22:56:42

  • 17/03/2019  Oundle 20  details

    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    4/430Ty Farrer02:02:5806:09/mileVM45-4981.53%1st VM45 - Club 20 mile VM PB stays at 02:01:05
    24/430Nick Osborn02:20:5207:03/mileSM35-3967.23%Club 20 mile SM PB stays at 02:01:41
    80/430Caroline King02:39:2607:58/mileVL45-4970.22%Club 20 mile VL PB stays at 02:33:25

    Hunts AC: 19/03/17 Oundle 20 &emdash;

  • Event Website/Results:http://
  • View Club Athletes Results

    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 19/03/2019 00:08:31

  • 17/03/2019  Reading Half Marathon  details

    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    518Shane Hunt01:29:1506:48/mileVM60-6482.01%1st VM60 - Club Half Marathon VM PB stays at 01:19:58

  • Event Website/Results:
  • View Club Athletes Results

    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 18/03/2019 23:35:29

  • 17/03/2019  Fleet Half Marathon  details

    Pos'nNameChip TimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    416/2700Alex Almond01:28:3906:46/mileSM25-2966.80%Club Half Marathon SM debut

    Hunts AC: 19/03/17 - Fleet Half Marathon &emdash;

  • Event Website/Results:http://
  • View Club Athletes Results

    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 18/03/2019 23:24:18

  • 17/03/2019  Jubilee Parkrun PBs  details
    10th Jayman Howard 9:04 (PB by 8 secs; consolidates his 22nd position in the club all-time rankings).

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 18/03/2019 09:31:45

    17/03/2019  Pontefract AC Open, Wakefield  details
    Martin Gardner set a new Veteran Men's indoor shot putt record of 11.49m, breaking Wayne DuBose's 11.00m set in 1995. Martin's son Matthew also competed, running 8.6 sec for the 50m and putting the shot out to 5.75m.

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 19/03/2019 09:09:51

    17/03/2019  Wimpole Estate Junior Parkrun  details
    Moria Howard 11th place 9:03 Ella Watson 14th place 9:09 Elizabeth Scott 41th place 10:23 146 runners

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 18/03/2019 10:06:15

    24/03/2019  Thorney 10k  details
    Sorry, no news report yet?

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 19/01/2019 14:04:45

    24/03/2019  U13 & U15 Pentathlon & Open, Lee Valley  details
    Sorry, no news report yet?

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 07/12/2018 09:19:45

    26/03/2019  Corby Open Meet  details
    Sorry, no news report yet?

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 15/03/2019 09:34:13

    30/03/2019  Kettering Throws Open Meet  details
    Sorry, no news report yet?

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 15/03/2019 09:34:48

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